About James Lind Care


James Lind Care is specialised patient recruitment in clinical trials.
We  guide patients in their clinical trial engagement and cooperat with sponsor to deliver our patient recruitment serice in clinical trials.

We create national patient communities, where our members are offered the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and engage in clinical research. Our communities are open to patients with all diseases.

The patient’s voice is empowered through our patient centric approach to research, collaborating alongside patient organisations and patient advocacy groups, with whom we establish close partnerships.  


Through our activities, we strive to achieve our vision: One day it will be an obvious choice for all patients to engage in clinical trials. 

Our values

Integrity: We care about patient recruitment in clinical trials. For us it’s not just a task or a problem that needs to be fixed. We take pride in delivering a high quality service for both sponsors and the patients, because we are dedicated to taking care of the patient recruitment for clinical trials.

Collaboration: At James Lind Care, we believe in achieving the best results through collaboration. Whether it’s collaborating with C pharma companies, CROs, patient organisations or patients advocacy groups, we appreciate the value of joining different perspectives within clinical research.

Empathy: We have an empathetic approach in everything we do. Trying to understand other’s perspective when taking care of the patient recruitment in clinical trials is key to being succesful in delivering a good service for both sponsors and patients. 

Curiosity: To deliver the best possible service for both pharma companies and patients, we need to be courious.  We are interested and stay up to date on the latest  trends within clinical reseach, digitilisation and the health care in general. We believe that having a courious attitude enables us to deliver an even better patient recruitment service  

Engagement: We are engaged in providing sponsors and the patients with the  best possible patient recruitment service. Our team are a compilation of experience, engagement and expertise dedicated to ensure that the patient recruitment is taken care of.


We care about patient recrutiment – so let’s take care of yours

About us

James Lind Care is specialized in clinical trials guiding patients to clinical trial engagement through collaboration with sponsors and patient organizations.

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