About James Lind Care


James Lind Care is a clinical trial specialized patient organization operating in Europe. ​

We guide patients in their clinical trial engagement and cooperate with sponsors to deliver patient centric services. 

We create national patient communities, where members are offered the opportunity to engage in clinical research. Our communities are open to patients with all diseases.

The patient’s voice is empowered through our patient centric approach to research, collaborating alongside patient organizations and patient advocacy groups, with whom we establish close partnerships.

Through our activities, we strive to achieve our vision: One day it will be an obvious choice for all patients to engage in clinical trials.   


One day it will be an obvious choice for all patients to engage in clinical trials

Our values

Trustworthiness: Because we work with clinical research and health data, we must be a  trustworthy and reliable organisation to all our members and collaborative partners. Some of our most important partners are the Data Protection agencies, national Research Ethics committees, and Patient Advocacy organisations.  

Innovation: We want to revolutionize patient engagement in clinical research. We aim to make it easy and convenient for our members to participate and raise their voices, as well as operational for sponsors to obtain patient insights in all stages of development. We use digital tools, create online communities, and provide updated information about clinical research to our members and collaborative partners.

Patient Centric: At James Lind Care, we have the patient’s perspective at the center of our focus. We believe that the value of patient perspectives  in clinical research is underestimated, and we share that perspective with regulators. 

Transparency: We communicate openly about our methods, economy, work process and collaborative partners.  We inform our members about how their data is protected, their rights and what to expect from any clinical research engagement

About us

James Lind Care is a European patient organization specialized in clinical trials guiding patients to clinical trial engagement through collaboration with sponsors and patient organizations.

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