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Patient centricity is all about being understood

Patient centricity is required in clinical research. Listen to why patients join our communities, how nurses receive our patients at sites and why patient organizations cooperate with James Lind Care.

Patient stories on why they are members



Unfortunately, autoimmune diseases are becoming more and more common, and science must address them. I would very much like to contribute to finding a better or even permanent cure by participating in studies.



Through being a member and participating in clinical trials, I hope to be an active part of expanding our knowledge on medical treatments for chronic diseases. This should hopefully lead to better medical treatment for all. In my point of view, if you, as a citizen in our society, expect to receive good medical treatment through your entire life, you also have a moral obligation to give something back to the medical system by helping research to develop.



I signed up to the British Research Panel to make a difference. I recognise that I’m benefitting from previous research and using medication that is more sophisticated than what some of my older family members had access to, who also suffered from ulcerative colitis. Without clinical trials, we can’t progress.

Nurse’s stories on receiving pre-qualified patients from JLC

Ewa, research nurse

Odense University Hospital

The patient communities of James Lind Care are a remarkably good idea. As Research Nurses, we can really feel the motivation and drive of these patients. They really want to make a difference. Their voluntary participation makes me a very happy nurse.

Elsebeth, Research Nurse


James Lind Care’s patient communities are brilliant because they are based on volunteering and the commitment of people who want to participate in research. When I call the volunteer patients, the majority are more than happy to contribute.

Katja, Research Nurse

Bispebjerg Hospital

I did not expect just how fruitful our collaboration with James Lind Care would be in finding patients with chronic cough for our research project. I had a really positive experience, especially since we met our target in reaching enough randomized patients. Everything went quickly and smoothly, and last but not least, we were in close contact with their Research Nurse.

Patient organisations' stories on fighting for patients’ rights in clinical trials.

Charlotte Lindgaard Nielsen, head of The Colitis & Crohn’s Association in Denmark

We know that our members want even better treatments for their various bowel ailments. This can only happen through research, which is why we are partnering with James Lind Care to increase the focus on research participation. We believe that this collaboration will put the need for research in this area higher on the agenda.
Research projects and clinical studies are risking cancellation, because researchers and patients have difficulty finding each other. That’s why we hope that this partnership with James Lind Care will help articulate the need for research participation.

Lisbeth Søbæk Hansen, head of The Lung Cancer Association in Denmark

I was surprised to see just how eager our members were to sign up for participation in clinical research. It was hard to keep up with all their inquiries. For us it’s all about improving treatment and conditions for lung cancer patients. That is why a collaboration with James Lind Care makes incredibly good sense to us.

Lone McCollaugh, head of The Liver Association in Denmark

The Danish Liver Association supports the work that James Lind Care is doing because we, and the other patient associations, feel that there is a great willingness from patients to participate in research projects.

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